Wall Mount Systems

The versatile Wall Mount System allows end users to control almost any electrified circuit. This system incorporates a Form-C relay that is capable of controlling 12-24 DC/AC voltage circuits. This Form-C relay has two sets of contacts: one is normally open (Fail Safe), and one is normally closed (Fail Secure). Either or both of these contacts may be used at any time. The current rating of the Wall Mount System Form-C relay is 6 amperes, so this system can handle any electrified industrial hardware.


The Wall Mount System is available in all of OSI’s electronic configurations:

1) Keypad-only OM100, OM300, OM500 or OM250, or…

2) Magnetic Stripe card and keypad OM2000 system, or…

3) HID Proximity card reader and keypad OP2000 system.


The Wall Mount System is used to control a variety of hardware including electric strikes, magnetic locks, electrified exit devices, drive-through gates, elevators, or other special electric circuits. Additionally, Every Wall Mount has built-in “cold” contacts to allow remote-switch opening or wiring into fire alarm circuits.